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Houss of Jade Events

It's time to Tap In...

House of Jade hosts a diverse range of exclusive pop-up events worldwide, attracting entrepreneurs, creatives, influencers, leaders, and enthusiasts. These events take place in meticulously designed and elevated spaces, curated to perfection. House of Jade cultivates a culture that encourages uninhibited self-expression and empowers individuals to live their lives to the fullest through immersive experiences in creativity, spirituality, sensuality, joy, and personal growth. Step into the realm where your ancestors' wildest dreams come alive and embody the epitome of your truest and most refined self. Our esteemed members are like golden rays, radiating confidence and style, ready to conquer the world...

Upcoming Events:

Phoenix Events:

And now announcing;

The Well Series

This 4 part series will take place on the first Sunday of each month starting in November (skipping December) and wrapping up in March.

"It was such an eye opening and relaxing experience"

Each week we will gather in a safe welcoming space. There will be light refreshments and parking on site. Location will be announced but the event will take place in the Phoenix Area within the 85003 area code.

Please see the event flyer below for more details. 

To purchase tickets please click the link below to go to the formal event page. Thank you! 

Houss of Jade Presents 1.png

Bring light to life.

Seattle Events:

As of right now we don't have any planned Seattle events yet. However we will have something extra special for you in the next few months. Please be sure to join our email list to stay updated on Seattle local events. 

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