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The Archetype of the Queen; & My Journey to finding Her.

Life is a practice and devotion. You are always in practice of something and devoted to something, whether you are conscious of it or not. My life has been a devotion to personal development, creativity and service. These definitions were slow coming…

In hindsight, the only knowing I had through my adolescence years was that I was seeking something, and that something was bigger than myself. But life is about the journey, isn't it?

In my pre-pubescent years, I perceived my parents as being quite unsatisfied with life. I faced the struggles of many children; divorce, the struggles of a low income single parent household. As a result I turned inward, using my imagination and creativity as a means of escape.

I was committed to releasing the negative emotional state I was in and soon the “seeker” in me was born.

The environment I was born into asked me to face questions that may allude some at such a young age like; what is happiness and where does it come from? What is this mysterious force that compels all things into animation and existence, and ultimately what do I do with this life I chose for myself?

By the age of 14 I had made major lifestyle changes. I joined meditation and spiritual study groups. I adopted a vegetarian diet, entered into mentorships and began the journey of conscious transformation.

The Archetype of the Queen has always been a sort of lure and guiding light for me. It symbolized the highest representation of self I was committed to achieving.

I was committed to learning my way into a joyous and fulfilling life. I had an extremely strong sense of purpose even while attempting to define it.

Today I have defined my core purpose.

There is a young woman who is building a foundation for her future, or in life under deconstruction. Theres a woman wanting to go deeper into the core of who she is, or is in steady process of her becoming. Not all are blessed with the mentorships that I've had. Not all young girls have access to the great wisdom teaching of ingenious tribes around the world… that was my path. Those experiences where MY permission slips for self inquiry and development but I assure you, all you need is yourself.

I am here to help along the way when those ask. And I am also here to continue doing my own asking. And in those defining moments of knowing, celebrate unabashedly.

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