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Indulge the Senses; A First Look Into Sensory Play In Your Space

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

InDulge The Senses: What Sensory Play could mean & do for you and your partner when in a safe space both physically and spiritually. A Message from Houss of Jade.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Please also note that any link I may provide is an item I have found a lot of use in, and is merely a suggestion or starting point.

The animal body has been locked in a cage. While some cultures inform the mind that our bodies are natural & bare it all without stigma, others leave us riddled with guilt and shame. If you are leaving so much of your authentic nature left unexplored, appreciated and hindered you rob yourself of a healthy dialogue between you and you.

The ecstatic body is born through a way of surrender and gratitude. And with so few spaces to cultivate a relationship with our aliveness and sensuality it is up to us to find a way.

Adult sensorial play can be a start. A beginning to tune in to what makes us feel good, energizes and reminds us that we are alive. It is a meditation, a practice of adult play and can be healing. It brings balance to the autonomic nervous system and teaches us a new mental path to addressing our world and bodies. It Teaches us what it means to be fully in tune and it brings acknowledgement of a great gift we received as a part of this human experience; The Senses.

OK, Let’s dig into Sensory Play!

This exercise encourages adults to explore their senses through creative play. This type of play often includes activities such as exploring textures and smells, listening to calming music, and engaging in guided relaxation activities. Adult sensorial play can help adults reduce stress, relax and re-connect with themselves.

To begin your sensory practice it's always lovely to begin with yourself. However, if you’d like to jump right in with a trusted partner that can hold space for the experience that is a worthy path as well.

Consider reviewing the following concepts to activate intention for the experience as you begin your journey;

1. ”I will, Let my body be my own source of pleasure."

2. “I will, explore my body and find out what makes me feel good.”

3. "Sensuality is about being in tune with my emotions and desires.”

4. "My body is a temple— I treat it with love and respect."

5. "Be confident and own your sexuality."

6. “I Love myself and all of my curves."

7. “I take the time to explore and appreciate my body."

8. "Let yourself feel the pleasure of your own touch."

9. “I unlock the power of my sensual energy."

10. “I Discover the unique pleasure that comes from being in tune with my own body."

Steps for Sensory Play Starting With a Feather:

1. Prepare the area: Make sure the area you plan to play in is comfortable and inviting. Make sure the lights are dim and the atmosphere is relaxing.

2. Set the mood: Play some calming music and light some candles or incense to create a sensual atmosphere.

3. Introduce the feather: Start by introducing the feather slowly and lightly, letting your partner get used to the sensation.

4. Explore different sensations: Experiment with different sensations, such as running the feather lightly over your partner’s skin or brushing it lightly against them.

5. Gradually increase the intensity: As you or your partner gets more accustomed to the feather, gradually increase the intensity or pressure to add to the sensation.

6. Switch it up: Try different types of feathers, such as a soft feather or a more ticklish feather, to add variety.

Steps with Sensory Play Using Smell:

1. Set the mood with calming music or aromatherapy scents.

2. You or your partner should close their eyes and take a few deep breaths.

3. Place a few drops of essential oils or scented lotion onto your hands and gently massage your partner’s temples, neck, shoulders, and arms.

4. Send wafts of soothing smells such as burning sage, or lavender or rose oil mists, peppermint or sweet grass. Use a feather wand or your hand. Use essential oils to hold up to your partner’s nose and ask them to take a few deep breaths and tell you what they smell. Make sure to take rests in between and consider that how your transitions from one smell to the next influences the experience.

5. Give your partner a blindfold and place different scented items, like a lemon, an orange, and a rose, in front of them one at a time. Ask them to guess what each item is.

6. Place your hands on your partner’s face and ask them to identify the scents they feel on your hands.

7. Blindfold your partner and feed them a few pieces of food that have been lightly scented with essential oils. Ask them to guess what they are tasting. (Make sure everything is safe and pleasant for consumption).

You can continue with Sensory Play by exploring:

  • Sound: using; Chimes, Bells, whispers, rainmaker, singing bowls etc.

  • Taste: using; Sweet, Salty, Warm, Cold etc

  • Temperature & Texture: using; hot stones, ice, wood, water, wax, rose petals etc.

Whatever you do in your practice, notice your thoughts and energy. Keep tings light; theres no wrong way, only what is right for you. Show the mind and inner critic the door, there is only room for your curiosity and delight!

Some items I'd recommend for your Smell / Feather Sensory Play are linked below:

If you are new to the world of Sensory Play and Exploration, then this kit is a great start! Especially if you wanted to get more into Sage in your Environment!! This Sage Smudge Kit Comes with a few great items that can help you get started on your sensory journey and is only about $20 dollars. It comes with a feather too!

Here is a list of additional Essential Oils I like having around as well;


Essential Oil Diffusers are also a great way to begin your sensory journey. Here are a couple that I personally really like for a variety of reasons. The first is the Hohm Vessel Diffuser. It is slightly on the more expensive side, but is great because it is portable, great quality and super aesthetic. The second, by InnoGear is definitely more affordable and has the classic wood look and works great! Plus you can find some that come with a pack of essential oils to get you started! & the Final one, by Levoit, is perfect if you have a larger space and also have plants! You can program it from your phone too.

If you have questions about these items or would like more recommendations please simply comment below or send me an email at and I would love to send you my recommendations!

Ok Now, Happy Sensing! Thank you so much for reading,


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