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Houss of Jade Events

It's time to Tap In...

Houss of Jade creates a Vibrant Social Club that asks you to bring all of who you are for the culture... Creatives, explorers, adventurers, makers, elevators shakers & movers, lovers not haters... Tap In!

Fill your cup at our uniquely curated immersive experiences. Adult Wellness, Elevation & yes, Adult Play is a welcomed space within our house.

Upcoming Events:


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Bring light to life.

Seattle Events:

As of right now we don't have any planned Seattle events yet. However we will have something extra special for you in the next few months. Please be sure to join our email list to stay updated on Seattle local events. 

High Tea is hosted by Houss of Jade's Infinite Milam. 


Infinite has hosted dozens of events throughout the Seattle Area. She recently fell in love with Phoenix & after becoming a resident herself is now hosting various events for the members of this unique and amazing community. If you want to get to know her better, you can follow along on her journey via Instagram. 

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